What’s more important: Face or body?

Pretty face, average bod > average face, fit bod

Since the dawn of time, humanity has been haunted by seemingly unanswerable questions. 

How can freedom and equality be balanced to create a just society? Why do bad things happen to good people? Is it just me or is the second Bridget Jones film on ITV2 every week?

But one question towers over the rest. What’s more important: face or body?



Face is more important to me. That’s how you see someone every day, how you communicate with someone. The face is the first thing you notice about them. Eyes are important as well, there’s a reason why people say they’re a window into the soul.

Saying that, if someone is really overweight I’m not sure a pretty face would make up for it.

Kate and Ashley

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Kate: Neither really. I’m all about personality. If I hear someone being funny in a bar and making other people laugh, it make me more inclined to talk to them.

Ashley: Face is what you deal with day in day out. Initially you don’t really see someone’s body. I don’t get what you mean about personality though Kate, you can’t tell what that’s like straight away. My eyes are usually drawn to one or the other.

Kate: I just try not to be shallow.



A guy can get away with a lovely face and an ugly body, so long as he has a good personality. That works the other way round as well. I think height will always be more important than either of them. I find it really hard to chat to people who are shorter than me.



It has to be face.

But if they have an outrageous body…

To be honest, a girl with a pretty face and an average body isn’t a problem for me.

Rebecca, Alex and Tish


Rebecca: Face because anyone can change their body. You can get them to change their body. Plastic surgery will always be more expensive than a gym membership.

Alex: I think body is actually really important.

Tish: Face – that’s the initial thing you see in a bar. I think height is the one that’s a deal breaker fir me though, an average on a short guy is the worst.



I can’t see past the face. Someone could have the most beautiful body and an ugly face and I wouldn’t want to know.

Jenna and Rachel


Jenna: It’s always the face, like always.

Rachel: You don’t check out someone’s body first, or at least I don’t.



I suppose it’s face. When someone’s face lights up that’s when you know. And if their face is all saggy you know to avoid them.