Revealed: 70 per cent of you prefer french knickers to thongs

This changes everything

Last week we took to the streets of London to ask ordinary guys whether they prefered french knickers or thongs. 

Seven out of the ten polled prefered french knickers.

Incredibly, the results of our own underwear poll mirrored those of our street survey, revealing a staggering 70 per cent of you prefer french knickers to thongs.


Over 3,000 of you voted and the results will disappointment thong wearers and lovers everywhere.

French knickers won a landslide victory, with 2,245 votes and 69.38 per cent of the vote.

Our tastes have changed dramatically since Sisqó’s moving ode to the garment, Thong Song, was a wordwide pop hit in 1999.

As Alex put it last week: “French knickers are actually class. For me it’s about the allure of what you can’t see as opposed to things which have no mystery at all, like thongs.”

Thong fan Cat Reid, 22, told us: “I don’t understand how french knickers won by that much. Thongs are comfier, there’s no VPL and, most importantly, they make your bum look better. What’s not to love?”