Clubbers of the week

Our mama don’t like you and she likes everyone

clubbers of the week clubbing cotw nightlife party uni

Stunners of the week


Runners up

Stunner RU1Stunners RU2

Angriest dad

Aggressive dad

You want some?

Bromance of the week


Young love

Most confusing group photo

Confusing group photo


Most successful double date

Double date

Your place or ours?

Loneliest clubber

Lonely clubber

They said they’d be here they said – they said in the corner

Most protective of drinks

Most defensive of drinks

Plz no

Guy who just seems like a really nice, genuine bloke

Most genuine bloke

He’d hand in your stolen phone

Most intrusive photo

Most intrusive

How did you even get up here?

Neediest clubber

Needy clubber

U got any Jamie XX m8

Saddest photobomber

Sad photobomb

His heart just isn’t in it anymore

Tastiest sandwich


Add gherkins and American mustard

Sexiest stare

Seductive eyes

Ten minutes into Netflix and side-parting

Smelliest elbows

Smelliest armpits

We should’ve washed these sports jackets

Best Ed Sheeran/Spider Man crossover

Spiderman Ed Sheeran crossover

Your friendly neighbourhood singer-songwriter

Most whipped

Under the thumb

Girls with noserings, right

Unhappiest couple

Unhappiest couple

We give it a week

Wankers of the week


Use tweezers, it’s quicker

Worst luck

Worst luck

You shouldn’t have done that

Least convincing invisible phone

Invisible phone

You’re fooling no-one