Taking a photo with Eddie Redmayne at work got me sacked

He was fired on his day off from All Saints for meeting his hero

Omar Balde was sacked from his job at a clothes store because he took a photo with Eddie Redmayne while he was shopping.

The 24-year-old, claims he was fired from All Saints after he approached the film star because it’s against staff rules.

The first year journalism student turned up at the All Saints store on Portobello Road in London on his day off, but found himself without a job just a day later.

Omar told The Tab: “I was excited because I’m a really big fan of Eddie Redmayne, especially for the film The Theory of Everything.

“He was really nice and friendly so I asked if we could take a photo.”

“It was on my day off but I just needed to grab my shoes and he was in the store.”


Omar (right) with Eddie Redmayne

All seemed fine when Westminster student Omar took the photo with Eddie, but the next day he was told his actions were “embarrassing” for the company.

He said: “My manager came to talk to me and the next day I had a meeting with the head office and got fired because of their celebrity policy.

“From what I heard we can’t disturb famous people while they are shopping.”

Omar doesn’t think he was interrupting Eddie Redmayne, and claims they were having a good conversation.

He said: “It was basically just me complimenting him and we talked a little about his new film which is a Harry Potter spin-off.

“I was shocked because I wasn’t working and it was my day off, so I didn’t think I would be fired for that.”

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Omar was sacked on his day off

He added: “I’m looking for more work but with uni and essays it’s been really hard to find a new job.”

All Saints has been approached by The Tab for a comment.

A shop source told The Sun: “He wasn’t just sacked for this one incident. It was the tip of the iceberg.”