Revealed: Nottingham’s Andy Hoe is the best promoter in the UK

He got almost half of the overall vote

Nearly 3,000 of you voted for the biggest name in the UK’s promotion and events co-ordination world, and now the results are in.

Andy Hoe, creator of Nottingham’s Ocean Wednesdays and Ocean Fridays has stolen both your hearts and the top spot in our Battle of the Promoters 2015.

Andy received 1,239 votes, a staggering 42 per cent of the total.


Andy celebrating when he woke up

We managed to get hold of Andy to deliver the good news: “Thank you to everyone who voted, it was nice to roll out of my pit at 1pm to find out I’d won. I didn’t actually win a prize sadly, so I made Daisy crown me with her Queen Elsa tiara – which I have promised to return by the end of the day.

“It’s nice to know the old boy has still got it, and I’m surviving amongst the world of top knots, beards and all these new random genres of house music, with my questionable taste in pop music and love of the odd ballad.

“In all seriousness though it’s not an easy game to survive in so hats or tiaras off to all the people on that list that are obviously doing OK at it!”

Andy's kingdom

Andy’s kingdom

Known as “The King of Ocean”, Andy’s facebook photos are made up almost entirely of students who have managed to get a picture with him, accompanied by up to 80 in some cases.

He was also awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Nottingham for his services to local business in The Tab’s April fools story this year.

Andy never went to uni because he says he: “wasn’t smart enough”.

andy hoe

In second is Newcastle’s Mike Hesketh, with 12 per cent of the overall vote (345 votes).

Mike told The Tab: “Without campaigning it’s great to be in second spot, especially behind someone who has had the mighty Hoff on.”

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Third place is shared by Leeds Voodoo boys Lewis Wildridge and Dave Gardner-Chan, who both got a 6 per cent share of the votes – although Lewis just pipped Dave to the post, scoring 189 to Dave’s 175 votes.


The competition hasn’t torn their friendship apart

Before the results were released, Dave said: “Lewis has been unbearable since he was the cover photo. Please tell me it was only because of his cute dog?”


Logan is pretty divine

He added: “Congrats to all the promoters, especially the winner, Andy. A special congratulations to my colleague Lewis Wildridge who, despite being taught everything he knows by me, has somehow managed to tie with me.

“He’s still a popular guy in the AU office as I cant think anyone else (except maybe his puppy) would vote for him! On a serious note it’s a really tough industry to work in so hats off to all of the guys and girls shortlisted.”

We will be sure to get Andy’s prize to him as soon as possible.