Girls’ edition: Who’s the fittest fresher in the country?

Let’s hear it for the laydeez

Earlier this week came the boys, the best Newcastle, Glasgow, Nottingham and Leeds had to offer. They gave you their best chat up lines, and you rewarded them with votes. Now it’s time for the laydeez. Vote for the UK’s fittest fresher:

Charlotte Taylor, Events Management at Leeds


Elinor Raw-Rees, Law with Criminology at Trent


She enjoys long walks along the tram lines and the occasional night on the razz in “anywhere that will take her”.

Being a psychology student allows her to read all the minds of the boys in Ocean to see who will go home with her.

Pamela Prenade Dzangari, Law with Psychology at Trent


Freya Crawley, Spanish and Global Studies at Trent


Anna, Business and Politics at Glasgow


Fun fact about me: I’m a part time alcoholic.

Meg Mazey, Sports Management at Edinburgh


Fanny Jacobsen, International Business at Edinburgh


Hannah Sharpe, International Business at Edinburgh


Natalja Plaskocinski, History of Medicine and Engineering at Edinburgh


Hannah Moyden, Criminology and Sociology at Nottingham


Bea Farnworth, Geography at Nottingham


Katie Craddock, Business Studies at Nottingham


Lauren Short, Geography at Newcastle


Go to chat up line: You know what would make your face look better? My legs wrapped around it.

Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: A guy once tried to chat me up by saying “you look better in photos” then proceeded to ask for my number afterwards

Perfect date: I’d love to go to the zoo or somewhere I’ve never been before, not just the usual dinner and drinks.

Weird fact about yourself: I am completely obsessed with Harry Potter.

Hobbies: Skiing, gyming and getting completely ratarsed.

Charlotte Conibear, BioMed at Newcastle


Hobbies: Drinking and playing with my pug.

Advice for boys: Grabbing my bum in a club is not going to make me want to sleep with you.

Hannah Wilson, Communication and Public Relations at Newcastle


Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: Nice legs, when do they open?

Olivia Pryor, Modern Languages at Newcastle


Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: A guy came up to me in a club and said “hi I’m wasted but this condom in my pocket doesn’t have to be.”

Perfect date: When he shows up.

Weird fact about yourself: I brush my teeth about five times a day.

Beth Evans, Modern Languages at Newcastle


Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: Do you like Imagine Dragons? Imagine dragging my balls across your face. (Gross I know but it worked, he’s now my boyfriend.) 

Hobbies: I enjoy playing netball and tennis.

Dating advice for boys: Don’t use chat up lines.

Hayley Binns, Economics at Newcastle


Go to chat up line: Roses are red, violets are fine, I’ll be the six, you be the nine.

Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: Let’s cut the small talk, do you wanna fuck?

Geno Tay, Psychology at Newcastle


Perfect date: Byron, Botanist and Chill.

Weird fact about yourself: I am a Grade one singer.

Immy McTear, Physical Geography at Newcastle


Go to chat up line: Are you David Beckham? Because I’d bend for you.

Weird fact about yourself: I’ve been in a music video and I have an odd love for chickens.