Majestic Casual’s YouTube channel has just been shut down


Majestic Casual’s YouTube channel has been removed because of copyright infringements.

Everyone’s favourite thigh gap house channel has been the soundtrack to your predrinks and deep library sessions for two years – but now Youtube have shut them down for breaking copyright because they don’t make any music themselves.

All of their videos have been pulled and have been replaced with the statement: “Majestic Casual has been terminated because we received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user has posted”.


How will you impress your mates with your house music knowledge now?

The Majestic Casual YouTube channel had over two million subscribers and more than 880 million views.

They describe themselves as “an online music curation platform that strives to promote creators and the created”.

But it appears the record labels might disagree as all of their YouTube videos have now been removed.

It could be an accidental copyright claim or it may be because major labels might have reported the channel monetising their tracks.

If Majestic stays down, other channels like Majestic DnB and MrSuicideSheep could be next if the trend continues.

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Majestic Casual is gone

Nottingham grad Justinas Vosylius was devastated by the news of Majestic Casuals closure. He said: “Majestic Casual was probably the only channel which I listened to constantly on a daily basis.

“Most of my party playlists contained stuff from majestic, so this is quite sad. I’ll have to go on Soundcloud more to find good remixes.

“Majestic was probably the only music channel I knew with similar tastes to mine. I’m sure people there won’t be happy and will soon come up with ways to move those songs somewhere else.”

But Leeds grad Chris Nelson strongly disagreed. He said: “Casual by name, casual by nature. Majestic Casual, about as relevant to underground house and techno as U2 is to teenage girls.”

Majestic Casual have been contacted for a comment.

Update – The Majestic Casual YouTube channel has returned after being down for just over three days.