Third year gets a butterfly tattoo on his face after a heavy night out

He doesn’t remember a thing

A third year from Lincoln woke up with a big tattoo on the side of his face after a drunken night.

Sean Lowe, 20, got a butterfly next to his right eye while out in Ibiza last week after his friends convinced him to get the tattoo, but he doesn’t remember anything about it.

The Mechanical Engineering student had the hangover from hell when he discovered the ink, and is now worried what his family will think.

Sean told The Tab: “I woke up with thoughts of absolute horror. I could be looking at disownment from my mum when I go home at Christmas. ”

“My friends said it cost €35, which is a very cheap price to mess your life up.”


The Lincoln student is planning to use foundation until he can find a more permanent solution

Poor Sean got the tattoo after a big night out in Ibiza last week, but he has now returned to Lincoln University.

He originally posted his story on the Basement Facebook group.

Sean said: “I drank a lot of alcohol. `After leaving the club my friends convinced me to get a tattoo. The design and placement was apparently entirely my own choosing.”

“I don’t remember anything about the night,  just what I’ve heard from my friends. They told the tattoo artist to make it semi-permanent. Whether or not he did it is another story, I’m going to get professional advice.”

If the tattoo really is semi-permeant then it could last anywhere from a few months to a around two years.

But if it’s real then he will be left with a butterfly on his face for the rest of his life.

In the meantime Sean plans to cover up the ink with foundation, but says it will be tricky because he has freckles.

He added: “I was hugely self conscious. It took me a couple of days to come to terms with it all, I was massively sad at first.”


Sean (left) on the night out before he got the tattoo

Sean said: “I think it’ll be something for people to talk about on nights out certainly. It shouldn’t really have any impact on university life, but once I graduate and I’m looking for a proper job then I’ll be struggling.

“I once got a stupid haircut – ginger Tempta-T style – for a bet and my mum didn’t speak to me for a couple days so I don’t think I’ll be allowed home.”

Some people get a postcard or some other kind of souvenir when they go on holiday. Sean came home with a tattoo on his face.

He said: “I kind of wanted to stay out in Ibiza. I feel like a butterfly face tattoo is somewhat acceptable there.”


Sean’s new tattoo up close

The Mechanical Engineering student confirmed his drunk face tattoo was most likely inspired by his favourite rappers.

He said: “I’m not sure whether mine is worse than a tear drop, but it’s definitely better than Gucci Mane’s ice cream.

“My friends unsurprisingly find it hilarious. The only bright side to this whole thing is that they all chipped in and paid for the work to be done.”