How likely are you to get a 2:1?

Cambridge and Imperial didn’t win this one

Oxford, St Andrews and Cambridge give out more firsts and 2:1s than any other uni.

Exeter, Bristol and Durham also made the top 10 with over 80 per cent of graduates getting upper class degrees.

Meanwhile almost a third of students at Lincoln, Plymouth or UCLan leave with a 2:2 or worse.

Figures from the Sunday Times Good University Guide show what percentage of last year’s students got a first or a 2:1.

You have more chance of getting a first if you go to Birmingham or Bath than if you go to Sheffield or York.

Manchester students are too busy doing drugs to work on their dissertations, as only three quarters of people got top grades – making it one of the worst Russell group unis alongside Liverpool and Queen Mary.


Some unis give out more firsts and 2:1s than others

The best Scottish uni for a first or a 2:1 was St Andrews by a long way, with a 90 per cent success rate for upper class marks.

This was ahead of Edinburgh at 83 per cent and Glasgow at 78.

It’s often said that it’s harder to get a top grade from a more prestigious university, but figures show graduates from higher ranked universities outperforming those from lower ranked institutions.

Universities with more private school students were also more likely to hand out firsts and 2:1s.