Meet the anti-feminist who doesn’t ever plan to have a girlfriend

‘Going out is too risky. Girls could falsely accuse you of rape.’

David Sherratt has been branded a misogynist and a sexist more times than he can remember. He even moved to a different flat after discovering his flatmates were feminists.

The 18-year-old Cardiff first year is a member of the secretive Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) club, a movement of mostly straight boys who avoid girls altogether.

The self-proclaimed “anti-feminist” has never had a girlfriend, and isn’t sure if he ever wants one either.

David told The Tab: “It’s basically about not getting married, having kids and tending to stay away from the opposite sex and not really doing what’s expected of a man.”

“It’s a direct reaction to feminism. I’m an anti-feminist. I don’t like feminism and I think it actively harms gender roles.”

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David Sherratt makes men’s rights YouTube videos under the pseudonym Spinosaurus Kin

Some members of MGTOW will go so far as to never interact with girls, avoiding them at all costs.

The majority prefer to stay anonymous online, but increasing numbers like David have gone public with their controversial views.

David said: “Feminism promotes the narrative that women are weaker and need help from men. Now a lot of men are not getting the help that they need.

“Many domestic violence victims are male but the shelters all discriminate against them.

“I have known people in abusive relationships who haven’t been able to get support, purely because of their gender.”

“A friend I met online in Canada went through his whole province and couldn’t find anything. It’s the same over most of the western world.”

When he’s not studying Chemistry at Cardiff, David makes anti-feminist videos.

David sad: “I had to move flats recently after two months. My last set of flatmates were all feminists and they decided to surround me in a room.

“They all had a go at me for several hours. It was over my general views and that I do videos online. They took a lot of offence to those.”

David requested a move, but found the process awkward because he had to stay in the flat with his new enemies while the change was processed.

He said: “I pretty much stayed in my room, didn’t talk to them and kept as far away as possible.”

David admits he has been naturally antisocial and reclusive for most of his life – he didn’t even go out in freshers’ week.

But the 18-year-old started to come out of his shell when he first got involved in men’s rights.

He said: “I wouldn’t say I don’t plan to have a girlfriend, ever.  I’d make the exception for maybe one person at some point.

“But I don’t see anything on the horizon at the moment, you have to be really really careful.

“Going out and having one night stands is too risky. Girls could falsely accuse you of rape.”

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David describes himself as an ‘anti-feminist’

Consent classes have been a hot topic, with some students arguing they are completely necessary and others saying they are a waste of time.

David said: “Consent classes are very very worrying.

“On one hand we’re told that rape is something done to intentionally hurt people.

“It doesn’t make sense to do a class teaching that rape is wrong – because people who are doing it know it’s wrong.

“People who aren’t doing it aren’t going to be learning very much.

“I don’t think you need to hate women to think that men deserve human rights. I think that says more about your view on men than it does ours.”