It’s official, 9am lectures are the worst thing about uni

Voted for by you, the people

Last week we asked you to vote for the definitive worst thing (about uni).

Nearly 2,000 people voted and you decided that 9am lectures were officially the worst thing about university.

347 of you — 18 per cent –have had enough of early starts, which were branded as “torture” by sleep experts earlier this year.


“That fucking guy” came a close second with 16 per cent of the vote.

You know that fucking guy, the one who everyone loves. The one with the great hair who always sits at the pub smoking rollies with a girl on his knee, sneering. He never invites you to his predrinks when all your fit girl mates get invited, and when you queued up for the night he put on he barely even acknowledged you at the door. Fuck that fucking guy.

Promoters came in third place with eight per cent of the vote and presumably an all-caps Facebook status about tonight’s sick ticketed event.