I was in the stadium in Paris when the bombs went off

I saw broken glass from the bombs

Birmingham student Mark Gregory was watching the France-Germany match as the bombs went off just outside.

He said: “Police escorted us to the station with our hands up in the air and I saw broken glass from where the bomb had gone off.”

We just spoke to him about what he experienced in Paris tonight.

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I’m not too bad now. I went to watch France-Germany and just into the first half there was a very loud bang, nobody thought anything of it.

At the start, the stadium DJ playing put on a sound like an air raid siren, because the match was against Germany. So when the first explosion went off at half time, we didn’t realise what actually happened. The crowd actually cheered just after.

Then there was another one towards the end of the first half. I heard three, I’m not sure if the news is reporting everything. There was still no news coming through to the stadium.

At the 75th minute, I checked BBC for the score and I saw unconfirmed reports of explosions. Then I heard loud bangs and people started checking their phones.

I decided to leave when people started to move towards the exits. There was never an announcement to say it happened.

Police escorted us to the station with our hands up in the air and I saw broken glass from where the bomb had gone off. They had cleared it up and everything was cordoned off. You couldn’t get anywhere near or see anything. Thousands of us were heading out the stadium.

The bar that was hit the worst. I’m not sure on the numbers. The number keeps going up.

I nearly went into the bar that was attacked before the game, it’s right outside the stadium.


Francois Hollande was at the game and people are saying it was an attempt to cause havoc while he was there.

There was no talk of terrorists, we didn’t know just then. I asked the police what was going on but they just waved you on.

They made sure we were on the main road and led us into the train station.

Paris is on complete lockdown. It was terrifying, nobody knew what to do. I’m back at my own flat now and watching the updates on TV.