How many people drop out of your uni?


Believe it or not you’re more likely to drop out if you go to a poly than a Russell Group uni.

UCLan, London Met and Plymouth have more dropouts than any other universities, while hardly anyone quits Oxford or Cambridge.

New figures from  the Higher Education Statistics Agency show a higher drop out rate as we move into the depths of  the uni ranking tables.

But surprisingly Queen’s Belfast and King’s also scored high for dropout rates, with seven and five per cent quitting.

It’s no shock that people were less likely to give up on the more elite universities.

Cambridge had by far the smallest dropout rate at just one per cent, closely followed by Oxford, Bristol and Durham.


With the exception of St Andrews, Scottish unis generally had more dropouts with Edinburgh, Stirling and Glasgow all scoring over five per cent.

But this was still below the national average of 6.5 drops out per uni, with London Met and other polys scoring highly.