We snuck into David Cameron’s speech to heckle him over the EU

They pretended to be businessmen and even made a fake website

Two angry students blagged their way into a David Cameron speech by pretending to be IT specialists at a government conference. 

The anti-EU protest was led by Phil Sheppard, 19, who brought along his friend Peter Lyon to hold up a banner and chant right in front of the Prime Minister.

The LSE students even created a fake website and dressed up to look more genuine.

They chanted “CBI voice of Brussels”at the Confederation of British Industry event yesterday.

Phil told The Tab: “I was extremely nervous. It was the most terrified I’ve ever been in my life.

“Five minutes before I was tempted to chicken out, but I felt I needed I needed to stand up and unveil my banner.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.40.46

Phil Sheppard protested pretended to be a businessman to get into David’s Cameron’s speech at an industry conference

Explaining the plan to get into the conference, History student Phil said: “I got Peter on board. I spoke to a few other people but they were either not interested or just wussed out.

“We created a fake company called Lyon and Sheppard web solutions, which is supposedly a web design company. Students for Britain went through all the processes of creating the company and even made a website to make us look genuine.

“Then they paid for the tickets to the CBI, around £500 each.

“We went into the conference as if we were regular businessmen. We pretended to talk about some technical issues and even had notepads to write some stuff down.”

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Phil and Peter on the right with their banner

After they started chanting, Phil and Peter were quickly thrown out of the event.

David Cameron told them: “Come on. Come on guys, if you sit down now you can ask me a question rather than making fools of yourselves by just standing up and protesting.”

Phil confessed: “I wasn’t sure what would think about it. My family had a mixed reaction

“My dad phoned me and was worried about the consequences but was still proud of what I did.

“But they are worried about my future and wouldn’t have wanted me to do it.

“I still don’t know what my University thinks about it, because LSE is quite a europhile institution I don’t think they’ll be too pleased – but people have done much worse things.”

Phil Lyons, who also snuck into the conference

Phil Lyons, who also snuck into the conference

Speaking on David Cameron’s reaction, Phil admitted “it was absolutely brilliant, he laughed it off.”

He added: “As a politician you have to do that – and he reacted in the perfect way.”

The fake website created by the LSE students

The fake website created by the LSE students

As an anti-EU campaigner, Phil said having laws decided outside of Britain was one of his main motivations.

He said: “The fact that the British people voted for the Tories and they don’t have power is a travesty to democracy.

“I will definitely carry on campaigning. I’ve entered the dark side so theres no turning back but I probably won’t be doing any more stunts though, as any Europhile will recognise me after today.

“I’ll leave it to other people, but after what I did today others might wuss out.”