Is Tom Exton the most ripped city banker?

Most just get fat and do coke

It must be hard to juggle a banking job in the city, a long term girlfriend and muscles which can barely fit into a suit.

Banker Tom Exton, 28, still finds time to go to the gym six times a week – but has to squeeze workouts into his lunch breaks.

Tom first became obsessed with fitness while studying Law at UWE, but has stepped it up since landing the job at a city firm.

He told The Tab: “I actually find the gym helps with any stress or tension at work, so it’s a win win in that respect.

“Some of my colleagues have an interest in the gym too, but I would say they are less fanatical than I am.”


Banker Tom usually has to fit workouts into his lunch break

Tom usually gets up at 6am and goes to bed around 1am, fitting quick workouts into his lunch breaks.

He said: “I still allow myself indulgences and I still go out to have a drink or 9, it’s not as draconian as some may think.

“I’m at a stage now where I’m happy with my physique and strength. My goal is to maintain my shape & health as best I can into my 30’s and beyond.

“I started lifting because of boredom and curiosity at university.

“I should probably have been busy with books, but decided the gym was far more fun.”



Tom started out properly in his third year at UWE

Tom admitted his diet used to consist of “pizza and anything I could put in a microwave for the first year or two of uni”.

He added: “Curly fries were also a big part of my life – it was horrendous, but towards the end it improved greatly, once my gym habit had taken off.

“All you need is some thought on how to fit those indulgences into your daily ‘macro’ allowances.

“When I left law school the job market was no fun at all. It took a huge amount of scratching around trying to find something.

“It’s the same with the gym. It takes years to build a dramatically different physique – not weeks or months as some in the fitness industry would love you to believe.”


Despite his banking job Tom still makes it to the gym around six times a week

Tom uses the LDN Muscle workout guides to stay in shape.