What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever stolen from your parents?

‘I took their car to Dunkin’ Donuts’

Last month my phone bill was £118 and my Mum wasn’t particularly happy about it. I’m good for the money but technically I still haven’t paid her back.

But I’m pretty sure that’s quite tame compared to stories I’ve heard of sheltered ex-public school boys charging hundreds to their parents’ credit cards and living to tell the tale. What’s the most you’ve ever taken from your parents, apart from the best years of their lives?

I asked some guys in London what they’d taken from their lovely mums. This is what they said.

Peter and Callum, Interns


Callum: I never stole more than 50p from them I swear to God.

Peter: I remember taking a fiver from my Mum’s purse. And then it was agony – I felt so guilty. Once all my morals kicked in and I put the fiver back. So I never actually stole anything.

James, Community Manager


I stole my parents’ house. Well, I should explain that a bit. I threw a massive, massive party for 120 people in their little terraced house and absolutely trashed it. No, they weren’t happy with me.

Charlie, Banker


I stole everything from them! Joking, I probably did steal a lot of money from my mother’s purse though.

Niko, Banker


Well I didn’t technically steal it because I did give it back…

I took my parents’ car, a Chevrolet Suburban, which is a massive car, basically a bus. I drove it to school to drop off a paper, then I drove up to Dunkin Donuts. Hell, it felt good.

Mark, Journalist for Radio Nova


I was not like that… I would never take anything if it wasn’t mine.

Jordan, Pets at Home


I never took anything from my rents but I did take something from my nan.

Back in the day her house got robbed and a really precious ring she had was stolen. Insurance got her a new one and everything was fine. I stole that one, thinking I could bring it back but I actually lost it. She went mental at me. She did forgive me in the end but it took time.

Boston, unemployed


I took a big camera – an SLR – to take photos of a football tournament I was playing in. It was the last tournament I was playing in and I wanted good pics of it.

Conrad, Musician


I never really took anything from them when I was a kid.

The other week I was dying for a fag so I took their car to drive down to the shops and get some. I didn’t mention it to them and I don’t think they noticed.