What it’s like to be a double Baroness

‘I’m more of a dinner and drinks person’

Jessica Heydel is a double Baroness and has always been far from the typical student.

The 23-year-old is half-English, half-Russian, and her family have been granted the title of Baron not once but twice from two different countries.

Born in Wales but raised in Moscow, Jessica is not only dancing at one of London’s most glamorous balls, but is setting her sights on a career in business analytics.

The Goldsmiths graduate told The Tab: “I don’t usually tell people I’ve just met that I’m a Baroness, I only tell people I get to know.

“Some people still don’t know!”


Jessica at her South Kensington home

Jessica explained: “The title was given to my ancestor back in 1772 to recognise his military distinction fighting for the Polish army.

“In 1820 and 1826 Russia and Austria also granted my family the title of Baron – so technically I’m a double Baroness.”

Despite going to Greenwich, Jessica was anything but a typical student.

She said: “I’m a very anti-student person. I don’t really do the whole student thing of going out, partying and not taking responsibility for my actions.

“I’m more a dinner and drinks person than anything else, usually around Mayfair and South Kensington. ”

“I’ve never felt I had to act this way because of my title and I was never brought up to portray a certain image.

“I guess it’s just in my blood and I subconsciously just behave the way I do.”


Jessica is a dancer at the Russian Debutante Ball, one of the biggest events on the London social calendar

Although she has the prestige of being a Baroness, Jessica is careful how she uses her title.

She said: “Usually when I email I don’t use my title, but I’ve started putting it on my CV.

“Obviously I need to look where it looks relevant or can play a negative role.

“It’s something interesting, so I can use it as a talking point with an employer and from then on I can fight my way to get the job.”

Explaining her Baroness roots, Jessica said: “My family’s perennial title is actually very rare. We’re one of the only Polish families to have a Polish title – because historically the nobility did not give out titles because they wanted everyone to be of equal status.

“But because my family were originally German we got it.”


Jessica is a double Baroness, with family titles from Poland and Russia

Jessica was born in Wales but moved to Moscow when she was eight, returning to the UK to go to university.

She said: “When it comes to Maths and Chemistry, people doing A-levels in Russia study what PhD students study here.

“They really take school very seriously.”

Jessica, who graduated with a 2:1 in Events Management now lives in South Kensington.


Jess was born in Wales and raised in Moscow but considers herself an international citizen

Currently Jessica works part-time in a boutique shop called The Exchange.

She said: “I’m applying for various sectors, but am concentrating on a business analytics company at the moment.

“For now I think i’ll stay in London unless another oppurtunity comes up and it’s worth moving.”