We opened a restaurant in Brixton after a life changing trip to India

They said Mumbai is a bit chaotic

A Newcastle grad returned from a trip to India with a love for the food and opened a restaurant with a friend from uni. 

Will Bowlby, 27, spent two years in Mumbai, but decided to open his own Indian restaurant when he came back alongside his friend from uni Rik Campbell.

Now he serves authentic Indian recipes inside a shipping container in Brixton at his restaurant Kricket.

Will told The Tab: “The history of Indian food really inspired me. It’s hugely varied and it’s always changing.

“I spent two years working as a chef at a restaurant in Mumbai, and it wasn’t always an easy ride – it’s a city of extremes.

“One minute you’re flying high and can then be very low – it’s a very chaotic place to live.”


Will (left) opened Kricket after coming back from India

Will always wanted to open a restaurant, but first went to Newcastle University to learn more about the industry.

“I did uni just to tick that box but went straight into the kitchen after.

“I’ve always planned to open a restaurant since I was small,  but Rik was always more bar orientated.”

Will moved to Mumbai after he was offered at job as the head chef of a European restaurant.

He said: “While I was there it came into my head and I thought there was a lot more to be done in this country.

“I’d never been to India before, and after six months I was ready to fly home, but I’m glad I stuck it out.

“I told myself to do at least a year and get some kind of recognition – and we won best new European restaurant in Mumbai in the first year.”

Will said one of the most popular dishes is the samphire pakoras

Will said one of the most popular dishes is the samphire pakoras

Will added: “The street food is amazing. It’s amazing how many variations they can get from bog standard ingredients like rice, dhal and lentils.”

Speaking on the name Kricket, Will said: “It’s quite simple really. We wanted a name which resonates between the two countries. We invented the sport and they mastered it.

“The customers favourites seem to be the samphire pakoras, but the menu changes every month so there’s always something new.

“The reaction has completely exceeded both our expectations. We had no pop-up experience and expectations beforehand.”