77 per cent of girls think lad culture is a problem at university

Massive Tab poll goes against lads

An alarming proportion of female students believe that “lad culture” is a problem on British campuses, according to a Tab survey.

The results, based on answers from more than 5,000 students this this month, show significant concern from male students too, with just under half reporting concern about the issue.

Answers to the other questions in the survey hint at where the concern over lad culture comes from. 57 per cent of male respondents said they thought it was acceptable to make rape jokes, starkly contrasting with the 16 per cent of women respondents who thought they were ok.

The Tab’s survey also reveals that half of respondents think consent classes should be compulsory for university students.

On lad culture and consent classes there is a clear gender divide. Just under half of boys said lad culture was a problem, but the number rose to 77 per cent of girls. And 77 per cent of boys said consent classes shouldn’t be compulsory.

Members of the Good Lad workshop, which aims to tackle lad culture

Members of the Good Lad workshop, which aims to tackle lad culture

Nearly every girl said they’d been groped in a nightclub, 95 per cent, while one in five boys admitted groping someone.

We asked if anyone arrested for a sexual offence should remain anonymous until they are convicted and 84 per cent said yes.

Nearly everyone said you shouldn’t be expected to sleep with someone if you go back with them after a night out. And 95 per cent said someone is never ‘asking for it’ because of the way they are dressed.