Goodbye Jenny Garbis: The gobbiest contestant on The Apprentice ever

She had a bit more to say than just ‘thank you for the opportunity’

Jenny Garbis was kicked off The Apprentice last night and holds what is now surely the record for the longest exit speech in all 10 years of the show.

Lord Sugar fired 23-year-old Jenny last night after she failed to buy any mussels in Kent – one of the seafood capitals of the UK.

After getting fired, most contestants shuffle out with a quick three second “thank you for the opportunity”, but here is Jenny’s exit speech in full.

“I really appreciate the opportunity. I’m really disappointed not to have shown you what I’m really capable of Lord Sugar, because I do actually think I had the capability to win this process. Many of the other candidates in the house said that they were worried that I was going to be in the final with them. I’m really sorry that I haven’t been able to show you that. Good luck guys… and thank you.”

It’s more impressive that she managed to fire all this out in just 15 seconds than the fact that she pre-prepared a final speech.

We should have seen this coming from the girl who bragged about getting top marks in her Business Studies exam, at Bournemouth of all places.


Jenny was fired after failing to pick up Mussels from the seaside

In a predictably riled-up taxi rant as she was chauffeured away from Amstrad HQ in the middle of an Essex industrial estate, she said: “I bet you he’ll be knocking on my door to be a part of my business soon.”

Bet365 initially gave her 12/1 odds of winning, which put her in third place, but instead she was booted off in the third week.

She’s now playing it safe and apparently plans to open up a pop-up in Shoreditch.

Jenny when she's not

Jenny when she’s ranting on The Apprentice