St. Andrews are giving out parking tickets for reserving a seat in the library

More reason not to go there

St. Andrews are going to hand out bright yellow parking tickets to students who hog seats in the library.

The third best uni in the country – home to royals, rich Americans and anyone who owns more than three coloured pairs of chinos – is responding to complaints about “seat hogging”.

The Library reports that each year they receive negative student feedback about “seat hogging”, otherwise known as the art of saving a seat while you run to the toilet.

Now if you leave your spot for more than an hour, a jobsworth will place one of these yellow parking ticket on the space:


This ticket gives anyone else the right to move your things and take your seat. It’s not clear what drastic lengths they’ll go to if you don’t come back after another hour.

Their tiny library only hosts 960 people, despite a £7m refurbishments to build a new floor to accommodate hundreds more students.

But Tarquin, Humphrey, Alexandra et al are delighted with the decision, after some even complained they had to queue up outside the library to wait for a seat.

This from the same people who stand in fountains and pour champagne over their heads.