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Our sombrero story from UEA made it into 17 different newspapers and sites

We’ve helped hundreds of people. Jonathan Priestley was left housebound after his wheelchair was stolen at a house party in Nottingham.

After a Tab campaign to find his wheels, the politics second year found his £2,500 wheelchair abandoned on his drive.


The 20-year-old said: “I’m just so relieved and surprised! I was only out of the house for an hour when my housemates text me with the picture.

“Now it’s back I just want to get on with my life at uni and not have any more distractions.”

Second year Amelia Perrin says getting her name out there has helped her. Since coming to us a model seeking help to become Miss GB, her stories have been picked up by several national papers.


The Royal Holloway English student said: “The Tab’s stories on me have helped my future career by getting my name out there. from my articles, I have been written about by the Metro, the Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror and UniLad among loads of other places.

“I’ve been approached by tv companies and asked by other places/newspapers for me to write for them. writing for the tab has also given me the confidence to pitch to other places, such as Dazed.”

What’s more, dozens of our news reporters now work for national papers or have earned valuable experience at huge media outlets.