Emmeline Pankhurst’s great-great-granddaughter is a third year at Cambridge

Unsurprisingly she’s a feminist too

The Suffragette leader and most famous feminist of all time Emmeline Pankhurst has a relative who is still at uni.

Laura Pankhurst, 21, is a direct descendent of the activist and even has a small part in the Suffragette film about her great-great-grandmother.

The Cambridge Law student got to star alongside Carey Mulligan and Helena Bonham Carter, with Meryl Streep playing Emmeline.

She told The Huffington Post: “When people think of the name Pankhurst, they automatically think of Emmeline.

“I will never give up the name ‘Pankhurst’, even when I get married – just like my mother and great-grandmothers.

“Feminism is still something that people are scared to be associated with, even if at heart they believe in it.”


Laura with her mum Helen at the Suffragette Premiere

When she’s not studying Law at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, Laura is supporting feminist causes such as International Women’s Day and plans to work in human rights.

She also tries to “spread the word” on Facebook.

Laura added: “I think the Pankhurst legacy ties with the past but, as there are Pankhursts still campaigning, it helps remind people that things aren’t finished and not to become complacent.”

“This needs to change – anyone can be a feminist, young or old, man or woman, conservative, liberal or anywhere in between.

“We can all have a slightly different focus, but there needs to be more unity across our differences, so that we can get more done.”

There is one main issue which is particularly important to Laura.

She said: “Unreported sexual assault is an issue I am particularly passionate about.

“Unfortunately no one can force victims to report it, I plan to be very active about it.”

Laura at the International Women's Day walk in London last year

Laura at the International Women’s Day walk in London last year

Laura and her mum Helen were involved in the Suffragette film as advisors, but also got small parts too.

Speaking at the premier, Laura said: “It’s all of three seconds, we’re in the WSPU office as secretaries getting involved and campaigning. It was really special and very moving.”

She even agreed with the protesters who turned up with smoke bombs to protest against domestic violence cuts.

Laura said: “The suffragettes were noisy, they shouted and made a nuisance of themselves.

“I think they’d be thrilled that we had this.

“They’re fighting against the cuts which affect women the most – you can’t really complain about it.

“It felt like we were more connected with the suffragettes than ever before.”