Why won’t anyone at house nights put down their unfinished Red Stripe?

Surely you’re thirsty

What would a house night be without loads of fit people standing around holding the UK’s favourite premium Jamaican beer? 

The answer, obviously, is a pretty shit house night.

Always remember: no one is actually drinking the beer. It’s a symbol of something greater, a symbol of how much cooler and on point you and your mates are compared to people who aren’t holding cans of Red Stripe.

You have it to be photographed holding it. You have it to hold because you like holding on to something at these kind of nights. And as an absolute last resort you have it to wash away the taste of whatever you just gummed out of that dirty baggie.


Blinded by the lights



Can u hold my Red Stripe bbe?

Can u hold my Red Stripe bbe?

Red stripe (left), guy holding it (centre), guy without RS (boooo)


When the time of ur lyf is sponsored by RS


Do you even Red Stripe tho?


Dis game ain’t based on no sympathy. Photo: Tom Lox


Just delighted to have a can of the stuff


Just a fun guy havin’ a good time


This party revolution is sponsored by Red Stripe


Beanie and a tinnie


There is more wisdom in your Red Stripe than in your deepest philosophy – Friedrich Nietzsche


Before tht first sip of the night


She’s thinkin’ about how bad lyf would be without her can

When a dirty banger gets u srsly gassed

When a dirty banger gets u srsly gassed