Scottish and London accents sound the sexiest to Americans

Och aye

Accents from Glasgow and Edinburgh have been voted the sexist in the country for Americans.

The yummy Scottish accent, specifically from Glasgow, was voted the “sexiest” by those from the US, and it turned on 26 per cent of those surveyed.

Most people can’t stand it here, but Cockney came a close second, pulling 16 per cent of the votes.

Somehow Americans also thought the Newcastle accent was the most intelligent, and clearly haven’t seen Geordie Shore.

On the downside they believed that speakers from Essex sounded the most stupid, in the survey of 1000 people in the USA from British Airways.


Scots have the sexiest accents for Americans

Unlucky if you’re from the home counties or middle England because received pronunciation didn’t even get a look in.

But it’s not all what it seems as confused Americans also seemed to get their accents a bit mixed up.

A fifth of those from the US thought the Glaswegian accent was Scouse and one in four thought the Manchester accent was actually cockney.

A worrying 15 per cent thought the Essex twang actually came for Liverpool.

Flipping it round, Brits’ favourite accent was New York – but strangely 40 per cent thought the Canadian dialect was from Texas.

But it turns out we all want something a bit more exotic, as Brits and Americans both agreed Italians had the sexiest accents of all.

Strangely, Americans confused the

Strangely, Americans confused the Essex and Liverpool accents

If you want to impress an American, talk like Sean Connery as a massive 37 per cent thought he has the best British accent.

The accent of the gentleman Hugh Grant and English rose Keira Knightly came in second and third places.

Our favourite US voice comes from Morgan Freeman, with Dolly Parton and Reese Witherspoon somehow coming second and third.

In another survey earlier this year Scouse and Brummie accents were considered the worst of all.

Southern Ireland was voted as having the most attractive accent in the country.