A third year found a live maggot in her Waitrose avocado sandwich

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A finalist’s nightmare came true when she discovered a maggot wiggling on the side of her sandwich.

Physiotherapy student Maddie Hill had just finished her Waitrose chicken and avocado sandwich when she found the bug crawling on the packaging, she claims.

The maggot had turned green from being near the avocado and can be seen wiggling around on the box in a video of the incident.

Northumbria student Maddie filmed the maggot in what is believed to be the university library.

The sandwich pack is placed on top of a book chapter about the renal system of the kidneys – and if that didn’t put Maddie off her food, the maggot certainly would.

Maddie posted the video with the caption: “Really disgusted at what I found in my sandwich @waitrose especially after I’d eaten the whole thing!”

Waitrose responded: “Sorry to hear that Maddie. If you take the packaging and receipt to the branch they’ll take all the info to investigate this.”

Some of Maddie’s friends also got involved on Twitter.

Her friend Niamh claimed she “can never eat a pre-packaged sandwich again”.

Maddie then confirmed she had returned to the Waitrose store and was given the money back for the sandwich.

There are two Waitrose stories in Newcastle, and one is in the student area of Jesmond with the other being in the city centre.

A spokesperson for Waitrose told The Tab: “The quality and safety of products is our top priority.

“We’ll be very happy to investigate fully when we receive this item – and, as a precaution, have alerted our supplier.”