A third year is delivering McDonald’s to your door

Mine’s a Big Mac with no gherkins

A finalist has set up his own company delivering McDonald’s and other takeaways to hungover students.

George Galbraith is an International Relations and Politics student who collects food from anywhere who doesn’t normally deliver.

Hungover students call him to give their order and he drives to McDonald’s, KFC and Subway and then takes it to their door.

Plymouth student George told The Tab: “Some people only open the door a couple of inches because they can’t handle the sunlight.

“The most popular food is definitely KFC or McDonalds – people just like fried chicken.”

Photo: Plymouth Herald

Hero George from Exeter went out to deliver four days of freshers’ week, but currently just delivers on Sundays.

He said: “I’m mainly getting big orders as a house will order at once.

“KFC box meals are the most popular – boneless banquets and zingers.”

Speaking on the strangest request he’s had, George said: “I had someone ask me to pick up a Chinese they’d already ordered for collection.

“They asked me to pick up the money for it first and then go to collect the food.”

Photo: Plymouth Herald

Thankfully delivering food every weekend isn’t hurting George’s social life.

He said: “I don’t start until 10:30 so I do go out too, but I restrict the alcohol so I’m legal to drive and not hungover.

“I try not to spend all the money I make on my own hungover meals.

“But as a third year I won’t be going out as much so I may deliver on Thursdays too, as sports societies all have their socials the night before.”

George charges £2.50 for an order under £10 and £4 for an order over £10, delivering the food in his Renault Megane.

He said: “I’ve had two years of uni already so I know how I feel on a Sunday.

“The idea came to me when I’d gone out after someone’s birthday and really wanted some food, I wished someone could deliver it.

“My friends thought it was a good idea so I decided to go with it

“At the start I was delivering 3-4 a day but it’s gone up to 7-8 now.”

Photo: Plymouth Herald

Since launching a few weeks ago, George has already had interest to franchise his brand.

He his hoping to get another driver and is hoping to carry on the business next year when he does a Masters.