Twin model crashed car after drink driving at 10 in the morning

Both twins were previously handed ASBOs because of their wild parties

A teenage model whose parties were so mad she got an ASBO has been caught drink driving while three times over the legal limit.

Tiffany Sanderson, 19, crashed her VW Polo after a big party the night before.

She and two friends had decided to take a drive to clear their “thick and fuzzy heads” at 10am.

Back in July, Tiffany and her twin sister Taliah were handed ASBOs for tormenting their village with wild parties.

At the time their angry neighbour said: “These girls will probably end up on Big Brother rather than getting the punishment they deserve.”

Now Tiffany, who is from Stockport in Greater Manchester,  admitted drink driving and has been banned from driving for two years.


Tiffany has been banned from driving for two years

The court heard how Tiffany was arrested by police at about 10.20am after crashing her car on an unmarked road in September.

When police arrived at the collision site, a “distressed” Tiffany was found to be almost three times the legal drink-drive limit.

Debbie Byrne, prosecuting, said: “The driver was distressed and the officer could smelt intoxicants. She was arrested and breathalysed recording 102mg. The legal limit is 35mg.”

Simon Morton, defending, said Sanderson believes her drinks were spiked at the party which she attended the night prior to the crash.

He said: “This is a young woman of good character. She is a part-time model and earned about £10,000 last year. She is devastated by her appearance in court.”


Tiffany and her twin sister Taliah were given ASBOs earlier this year

He added: “On the night before the incident she had been to a party with friends.

“During the party she consumed a considerable amount of alcohol.

“She stopped drinking at one or two in the morning. She woke up with a thick and fuzzy head. She and two friends decided to go for a drive to clear their heads.

“She got into a minor accident. No one was injured.

“I recognise it is a high reading. She is very shocked by the reading. She knows what she drank and it doesn’t marry up. She is wondering if someone had been spiking her drink.

“She spent 24 hours in police custody and the car was written off. The incident has had a big effect on her.”


Tiffany and her twin sister both work as models in Manchester

Sentencing Sanderson, Jos Saunders, chair of the bench, said: “This case involved a road traffic accident, there were passengers and the reading was high. This crosses the community penalty threshold.”

As well as a two-year driving ban, Sanderson was also ordered to complete 80 hours of unpaid work and pay court costs of £315, which is quite a fair fine according to the Stephens Law Firm accident lawyers.

Tiffany and her twin sister Taliah are both former Stockport College beauty and make up media students who are on the books of Boss Model Management in Manchester.

In July, the pair were hit with an ASBO for terrorising their neighbours with loud music and rowdy behaviour.

They were ordered by magistrates not to ‘generate any music or loud noise including shouting or screaming’ between 8pm and 8am at their mother’s luxury £400,000 four bedroom Edwardian semi.

Their ASBOs were imposed after neighbours living close to their family home repeatedly complained to police about the sisters’ loud behaviour.