Which uni has the most sex in freshers’ week?

Cambridge didn’t win this one

Sheffield students had the most sex in freshers’ week, while Manchester and Liverpool were close runners up. 

More people pulled in Leeds and Birmingham in their first week than they did it Nottingham.

Meanwhile Cambridge is more promiscuous than Oxford according to saucy new stats.

Edinburgh had one of the lowest scores, as just 6 per cent admitted getting lucky in week one.

Overall 37 per cent of boys and 29 per cent of girls admitted having sex during freshers’.

Most people claimed they’d slept with two to five people at uni, but 10 per cent said they’d had sex with 11 people or more.

Sex toy brand Lovehoney asked 1,000 students and recent grads  whether they pulled in freshers’ week.

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On the darker side, 23 per cent of boys and 19 per cent of girls admitted to cheating on their partner.

But just over a fifth of both genders only sleep with one person at uni.

And believe it or not, half of those surveyed claimed they’d even skipped a lecture to have sex.

A Lovehoney spokesperson said: “The start of the new academic year is an exciting time for students. It’s time to let your hair down a bit before the really hard study starts.

“It’s no surprise that lots of students have more sex at this time of year than later in the academic year.

“The start of term is a great time to meet new partners, particularly during Freshers’ Week.

“Not all unis have formal Freshers’ Week like Sheffield University at the top, but they all have an added buzz as students resume their studies.

“Where colleges don’t have Freshers’ Week, the findings reflect students’ behaviour at the start of term.”