Third year bit off another student’s nose while out celebrating graduation

They were fighting over who got served first at the union bar

A finalist celebrating the end of uni bit off another student’s nose in an argument over who should be served next at the bar.

Harper Adams third year William Clark, 23, attacked Joshua Brown in the union bar after graduation.

During the trial, prosecutor Michael Grey said: “In a nutshell it happened in a crowded bar where Mr Clark bit the end of Mr Brown’s nose.

“He bit off the front part of it causing a serious wound.”


William Clark is on trial for biting off the nose of another student. Credit: Shropshire Star

Victim Joshua Brown was then taken to hospital where consultants said the front part and bottom section of his nose were missing.

When interviewed by police, biter Clark admitted assaulting Joshua’s nose and said there was some activity prior to the bite – which he described as a “nip”.

Clark told police he felt he had not bitten hard and didn’t mean to any cause damage.

Speaking at court earlier this week, Joshua said: “I went over to my friend who said there was a lad acting stupid.

“I stepped in front of her, and someone kept pushing and pushing my back.

“I turned round to face the person and next thing I know my nose was bitten off.”

Clark told the court he had been out for a meal with his parents after his graduation ceremony and had then returned to the union bar to meet friends.


Agricultural college Harper Adams, where the nose biting took place

He said: “I was standing at the bar and it was very busy.

“I let a girl go in front of me to be served and this upset another girl.

“She did not like that I had let someone in front of me and she was verbally abusive.

“I was shocked at the reaction. I was just being a gentleman.

“She continued to be verbally abusive and then Joshua Brown stepped in between us. He started pushing me and then he pushed me so hard that I fell to the floor.

“I tried to regain my footing. Then I was hit in the face. The hit chipped one of my teeth and cut my mouth.

“Then I got up and I was face to face with Joshua Brown. I bit his nose.

“I did it because I have never been in a fight before and I was afraid. I wanted to get away.

“My reaction was disproportionate. I really regret doing it. I was just trying to escape.”

Clark has admitted unlawful wounding but denies wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

The trial continues.