Second year is taking university to High Court for charging her international fees

Nigar Badullayev was granted the right to live in the UK, but is being charged £15,000 a year

A furious second year is taking her uni to court for being “discriminated” against.

Nigar Badullayev, 19, is taking Kent University to the High Court after claiming unfair treatment because she is classed as an international student.

The Drama and Theatre student fled Azerbaijan because of war crimes back in 2009, and has since been granted the right to remain by the UK Government.

But because the uni class her as an international student she claims she has unfairly been forced to pay £15,000 a year fees – even though the government allegedly considers her a home student.

Nigar told The Tab: “This case could mean the difference between achieving my dreams, and getting by on the dole”.

Nigar at Kent University

Nigar is taking her uni to court over her status as an international student

She added: “I have been put under extreme emotional stress and pressure due to the whole situation.

“I feel victimised and discriminated against. Kent University clearly are not concerned about my wellbeing.

“I will not be able to continue studying at University as I cannot afford the International fees which have been placed on me unjustly.”

Despite the strain the fees have been put on the Nigar still managed to achieve a 2:1 as a fresher.

The second year said: “It has definitely hindered my education and I hope that taking the matter to court will help reach a fair outcome, and allow me to fulfil my goals in life.”


Nigar says she can’t afford to pay the fees and it will force her to go on the dole

Nigar is hoping to raise £2,000 in order to fund her court case against Kent University through a fundraising website.

She hopes to be a role model for “others like me” and wishes to help others with a “discretionary leave to remain” to be able to study as domestic students.

Nigeria claims financial struggles are harming her education

Nigar claims financial struggles are harming her education

Kent University have been approached for a comment.