Bake Off heartthrob Tamal reveals he is gay

He was tired of being hit on by girls on Twitter

TV hunk and Bake Off extraordinaire Tamal has revealed he is gay and looking for a boyfriend.

After his perfect patisseries and cooking charm, King’s grad Tamal Ray has been bombarded with Tweets and messages from female fans.

He told Radio Times: “I wouldn’t have a girlfriend, I would have a boyfriend.

“But I am single at the moment.”


Bake Off stunner Tamal has revealed he is single

Despite this, Tamal, 29, buttered up the hearts of girls around with his star baker quality.

One of the Tweets said: “Tamal needs to be star bae-ker.”

In response, he admitted: “Yes, I have had a few offers on Twitter.

“Some of the lustier tweets have had me crying with laughter.”

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When not baking, Tamal works at a hospital in Manchester as an anaesthetist

With just four bakers left, Tamal is one of the favourites to win the show.

And some of his patients have even confessed to being fans.

Tamal said: “It’s a great icebreaker. In the morning I see my patients on that day’s operating list, and talking about Bake Off helps with the tension a bit.

“I didn’t think the consultants were particularly interested, but I made some muffins recently and they all went mad for them.

“It the end of my set of night shifts this week I’ve been asked to stay on during the day and judge a hospital Bake Off. It’s the last thing I want to do, to be honest!”

Earlier this summer Tamal told the Manchester Evening News: “I started baking with my sister and we used to make simple home classics.

“Fairy cakes were probably the first thing I ever made but we’d make other stuff like chocolate chip cookies, apple crumble and Victoria sandwiches.”


April Mat and Peter have a shared love of Tamal

The infectious love for Tamal has spread to uni kitchens all over the country.

King’s student April May told The Tab:  “When I’m watching, I think he has great sex appeal.”

“I often think of how sexy his cakes look, too. Great beard, great cakes.”

Her flatmate Peter added: “When he rang his ma to tell her that he had got Star Baker it was a great moment – proper swelling up, like.”