Which uni lends their mates the most money?

You know I’m good for it

Sussex students are the most likely to lend out money, while Newcastle, Manchester and Nottingham get the angriest about not being paid back.

Those in Southampton have been stung hardest by their mates, as 73 per cent confessed to lending out cash but are still waiting to be paid back.

A stingy survey from mobile app Payfriendz asked students across the country about their money lending habits.

They found people in the north at Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow found it easier to ask for money back compared to those in Plymouth and Belfast.

On the other hand it’s a bad idea to borrow money from students in Sheffield, Glasgow and Belfast as they’re the most likely to chase you for the cash.

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Stingy UEA are the most likely to have lost friends over money lending situation gone wrong.

Meanwhile Sheffield and Birmingham students are the most likely to have a friend who never pays them back at all.

The best mates to have are from Edinburgh, as they’re the least likely to avoid paying you back.

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Overall, a staggering 97 per cent of us have lent money to their mates.

Strangely enough a quarter don’t even ask for their money back because they’re scared of looking “stingy”.

And one in five confessed to dishing out cash to poorer friends every fortnight.

Top reasons for lending money include takeaways, drinks and buying items for a shared house.

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