Fresher thinks her new halls of residence are disgusting. She knows nothing

Mummy’s worried about how she’ll cope

Shannon is a 19-year-old fresher who expressed her shock at the “filthy” state of her new halls of residence at Leeds Beckett University. The international business student was obviously disgusted to find stained cushions, marked walls and even sticky surfaces.

Rita, Shannon’s appalled mum, told the Metro:

“Shannon didn’t know what to expect. When we went in I said ‘oh my god this is disgusting’. I said this is really really disgusting, the cleaners haven’t done a thing. On the windowsill there is sticky marks that are also all over the work surfaces. The work counters are all damaged, the carpets haven’t been hoovered. In Shannon’s room all of the walls were really grubby and marked. In between the settee cushions it was full of crumbs and bits of food.”

Disgraceful, it's just as bad as every other student flat

Disgraceful, it’s just as bad as every other student flat

Shannon Collins was obviously cruelly tricked into thinking her £129 a week would buy her a trendy interior, not to mention a full-time maid.

The thing is, university accommodation just isn’t the same as the five bedroom shabby chic cottages our mums have dedicated their lives to decorating. Unis don’t care if the black mark on that ancient chair in your kitchen is upsetting the feng shui of the whole room., because if they had to replace every chair which gets a late night kebab spilt on it, there’d be no fees left to pay for your eight hours of lectures each week.

Shannon will be hoping not to have any messy housemates

Shannon will be hoping not to have any messy housemates

There’s no doubt disgruntled Shannon is going to find university life incredibly hard. Her flatmates have probably already found the passive aggressive notes she’s leaving dotted around the kitchen moaning about the knife which was never washed up.

Any bets on how long she’ll last? Or how dramatised she can make her move into (possibly worse) student housing next year?

Student accommodation will never be nice, cosy, clean or homely. Rather than complain though, Shannon should embrace the fact this is the one time in her life she can be a complete slob and it won’t make any difference.