The one where we went to Friendsfest

Could it BE any more inspiring?

This year marks the 21st birthday of the Friends and because Comedy Central want to bleed every penny out of a franchise London is currently playing host to Friendsfest.

According to Comedy Central, it’s a chance for lovers of the show to “come to the greatest Friends event ever. Grab a drink in Central Perk, step inside Monica’s apartment, check out original props and loads more!”

When I think about Friends, I think about the unrealistically utopian housing the characters lived in. They had decent apartments, they had semi-stable lives and they all managed to actually like each other.

First up was Joey and  Chandler’s apartment…

This flat would be perfection

This flat would be perfection

When you’re watching ‘Friends’, the apartments look cool. The furniture is eclectic and you think “yeah, I like this kind of slap-dash feel”. When you walk on the set and see it up close, you start to realise that Monica and Rachel simply had terrible choice in furnishings (and not in a hipster way).

Having said that, I’d still live there. Thanks to the backdrop of a New York building, it did feel like I was in the apartment. Hell, I was almost tempted to sit by the window and ponder whether Ross and Rachel were really on a break.

Next: Monica and Rachel’s apartment…

It's cool, right? I KNOW!

It’s cool, right? I KNOW!

Cheeky hand in the selfie

Cheeky hand in the selfie

The only trouble with admiring the set was the presence of other people. They were all orgiastic. The number of people craning around the door poking their heads, the people fondling Rachel’s trifle (not a euphemism), the woman managing to make “Smelly Cat” sound even worse and the women wearing wedding dresses (oh yes) on the sofa made it less enjoyable.

Of course, that’s only because I had to wait to the photos myself. Even a film crew from BBC Russia were loving it although they did feel the need to move the kitchen props around so the jam was next to the marmalade. Obviously.

He was looking damn fine

Can you spot ugly naked guy?

Friendsfest wasn’t too different to something like the Science Museum. Exhibits, people walking around, a fairly muted atmosphere – 21 years after the first episode it’s more than impressive something like Friendsfest even exists. And the Science Museum doesn’t have anything to match this:

"It's SMEL-LY cat"

“It’s SMEL-LY cat”

Perhaps the greatest lesson we learnt at Friendsfest came from meeting “special guest”  James Tyler…

Was I the special guest?

He didn’t have any coffee for me

….Gunther. We got to sit down and meet the Gunther Well, shake hands and have our photo taken with him. Apart from looking mildly like Tom Hanks (the photo doesn’t get this across – you’ll have to trust me), there wasn’t much to note about him except that his hair is still delightfully dyed blonde (please, God, move on) and that his voice is like honey. He could read me erotic novels whenever he damn well pleased.

Despite the possible negative elements of Friendsfest (it’s niche, everyone there was a little nuts), it was appallingly fun to pretend to be a member of the cast for a couple of hours. Unfortunately for me, I’m now going to have to go home and watch all the episodes again whilst telling everyone I know that “I am SO Monica”.