Horrified second years discover their bathroom window is see-through

Their neighbours had been watching all along

A group of exhibitionist second years were told their frosted bathroom window was see-through after their neighbours sent them a warning letter.

The mysterious letter was posted by a family living across the road – after they spotted the house of girls and boys through their not-so-frosted glass.

Now the seven students, who have just moved in to the house, have been forced to hang towels over the window to save their dignity.


Notice anything different about the window on the top left?

Gabi Abadi, 21, a second year Geography Student at Sussex, said: “We got this letter a few days ago.

“I thought it was hilarious. It’s so so hilarious. I just don’t get how they can see in.

“We can’t see out of the window at all when we’re in the bathroom. I think we can see if it’s dark or light but that’s it.

“We’re a group of seven students living in the house but it’s a family who live opposite us.

“If their kids are young we should definitely do something about it.”


The unlucky housemates with Gabi (third along the top row)

She added: “We might message the landlord but they probably won’t do anything about it anyway.

“We might have to hang a towel over the window.

“I’ve honestly never heard of anything like this before. It’s a bit of a stupid design to be honest.

“I don’t know if it’s a problem with the road, but then I’ve never stood and stared into the windows to see my naked neighbours.”

Gabi (left) finds the whole situation 'hilarious'

Gabi (left) finds the whole situation ‘hilarious’

The letter was sent not long after the seven had moved in their new house.

It said: “We thought we should just mention something that has become very apparent to us.

“The frosted glass in the bathroom at the front of your house does not give you much privacy.

“Hardly any at all in fact, especially in the evening when the light is on.

“Therefore we wanted to suggest that you ask the landlord to install a blind for you.”

The letter which was sent to Gabi and her housemates