Girls on Tinder are more likely to swipe left on a man bun or topknot

Long hair doesn’t make the cut

Girls hate man buns and swipe left if they spot them on Tinder, according to a new survey.

Balding guys don’t need to worry as the biggest turn off for 39 per cent was boys with longer hair than them.

Meanwhile nearly half would reject a topknot or man bun.

Researchers from Fudge Urban Matte Head Master asked 2000 people what made them tick on Tinder and discovered boyband hair is the way to go.

 And subtle quiffs, undercuts and slicked back hair also made the cut in the dating app survey.

If you want girls to swipe right, cut off the topknot

Big turns ons for girls are photos of boys with pets, tattoos and a good dress sense apparently.

And unsurprisingly they’re more likely to swipe right on a lightly tanned six pack too.

Sense of style is the main pull for girls on Tinder, as 63 per cent claimed it was a major turn on.

A third like a tattoo on their man, while 30 per cent expect to see cute snaps with a cat or dog.

But on the other hand, two thirds hate seeing a photo with another girl in.

What’s more over half look out for photos with a boys ex obviously cropped out.

It’s important to look good, but 39 per cent will turn down an overly groomed boy – while too many muscles and a long beard are also big no-nos.



Pouting is a turn off for boys according to the survey

On the other hand, two thirds of boys value a nice smile above everything else.

A surprising 22 per cent prefer girls without makeup and 18 per cent are turned on by tattoos.

But nearly half of guys swipe left for overdone makeup and HD brows.

29 per cent hate pouty photos whereas 28 per cent admitted photos involving babies are something to avoid.