You can find out who hasn’t accepted your Facebook friend request

They just don’t like you

There’s a way to find out who hasn’t accepted your friend request on Facebook.

Whether it’s the girl you got with in a club who never text back or the freshers friend you thought you had, not everyone responds to friend requests.

And if you want to discover who is trying to let you down gently, Facebook has added a function to help you out.

Simply go onto your friends requests and select “view all”.


Press ‘View Sent Requests’ to find who doesn’t love you back

From here select “View Sent Requests”, which will show you the list of people who haven’t accepted your friend request.


These people don’t want to be your friend

Facebook will then clearly display the people who have ignored your friend request.

Before they brought in this new function, we had to manually search for the people we had added to see if the friend request was still pending.

But now you can see who still hasn’t responded to your add years later.

This comes after an app called “Who Deleted Me” promised to let you know who had removed you as a friend.

The service was flooded with new downloads, but kept crashing because it couldn’t handle the amount out needy Facebook users.

But Facebook didn’t agree with the “Who Deleted Me” service and banned it within a day, meaning we may never know who has deleted us a friend.