Hundreds of freshers left stranded as £45million halls still not finished

They won’t even be ready by freshers week

300 desperate freshers have been left without a room as their “state of the art” new halls won’t be finished in time for the start of term. 

The 1,000 room Penglais Farm complex in Aberystwyth was originally supposed to have been finished before freshers week last year, but was barely even open by the end of the first semester.

And once again the £45million accommodation has fallen short, with only 700  rooms ready for first years this week.

Penglais Farm 4

Yet again, Penglais Farm won’t be full this year

Third year Film and Television Student Leila Arada, who had previously been told her accommodation at Penglais Farm was not ready last year told The Tab: “The university really hyped it up to be an amazing new build.

“However over summer to our surprise we received a very brief email, stating that it would not be complete for the time we were supposed to move in.”

Another year late? Maybe it's time to throw in the towel

Another year late? Maybe it’s time to throw in the towel

Leila added: “I’m really surprised it still isn’t finished considering the amount of pressure that was on them last year, but to be fair to the uni I don’t think it wasn’t their fault – they really do try.”

When asked about whether the long wait for a room in Penglais Farm is worth the hassle, she said: “It was genuinely like living in a top class hotel, but once the first bill came in we had to tighten our belts.

“It wasn’t really worth it, having being settled into temporary accommodation for so long.”

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£45million Penglais Farm is still not ready

A spokesperson for Aberystwyth University told The Tab: “Fferm Penglais provides some of the best student accommodation available in the UK and student response to the new facilities has been excellent.”

“The remaining 300 rooms, which the developer Balfour Beatty have committed to delivering during the coming academic year have not been let out to students.

“The university has not suffered any financial detriment and no student has been told that their room is not available.

“No students have been left without accommodation.”