Meet the BACARDÍ brand ambassadors heating up your night

They’ve landed their dream job leading the rum revolution

BACARDÍ brand ambassadors Carta Fuego Students

BACARDÍ’s brand ambassadors are on a mission to bring the heat to your next pre-drinks, social or house party. 

Thirty of the country’s most savvy students have been selected to bring the latest spiced rum spirit drink, BACARDÍ Carta Fuego, to this year’s freshers.


BACARDÍ are hoping this year’s freshers will mix up their nights out and play Choice or Chance, their latest app.

The app is focused on how many drops of TABASCO® Sauce you can add to your shot of BACARDÍ Carta Fuego.

Eager freshers can spin the wheel to help them decide whether they add one, two, three or four drops – three is the optimum amount.

What you need to heat up your night:

  • Download ‘Choice or Chance’ app
  • TABASCO® Sauce
  • BACARDÍ Carta Fuego

Download the app for Android or for Apple.

Bacardí Drinking Game

As well as hosting these exclusive events at their houses, BACARDÍ brand ambassadors will be heading out to socials and house parties near you equipped with a bottle of Fuego to sample one 25ml shot to each fellow student, looking to turn up the heat before your next night out.

Starting with a blast of heat as it hits your lips, BACARDÍ Carta Fuego transforms into a silky smoothness of tropical flavours and spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and vanilla – a shot that won’t leave you gagging.

Taking its name from the Spanish word for ‘fire’, Fuego is aged for a minimum of a year in charred oak barrels to deliver its spicy but smooth kick.

Download the app for Android or for Apple.

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