Clueless Cambridge club organises ‘Asylum’ night in the middle of refugee crisis

It was blasted as ‘gross’ and ‘unacceptable’

Clueless party organisers have named an event “The Asylum” – despite the massive refugee crisis.

The LGBT+ society at Cambridge was accused of “belittling the difficult experiences” of thousands of migrants with the event – which was set to take place just days before trans awareness month.

Clearly organisers meant “insane asylum”, but people were angry over the mix up. The committee reacted quickly to remove the event, apologising for the error and calling the naming “gross and acceptable”.


The decision of organisers to use an insensitive name comes as the latest glitch in CUSU LGBT+’s struggle to host a politically-correct event.

Arturo Abruzzini, CUSU LGBT+ Ents Officer, told reporters: “That event was a mistake, due to the club managers not communicating with us during the holidays, they hadn’t asked us to approve their themes, but as soon as I was made aware of that terrible theme, the event was taken down.

“As Ents Officer I want to ensure a safe environment for everyone and no mental health issues will be made fun of at our events”.

Kaleidoscope is organised by the Cambridge University Student Union, describing itself as a “splashy, vibrant night of dancing, drinks and deconstruction of binaries”.

Tegan Marlow, a third year english and creative writing at Royal Holloway, has been organising donations for refugees.

After attending a donation drop in Guildford, Tegan was moved to kickstart one of her own in her local town.

The femsoc president said: “It’s really distasteful given the current situation. It’s not attacking people completely out of place. It’s really strange coming from a LGBT society and certainly from Cambridge.”


The night had previously flopped when members had raised concerns about the treatment of transgender and non-binary people at a different bar, with a lack of gender neutral toilets and unsympathetic organisers.

The blunder is the latest in a string of gaffes as Cambridge’s Students’ Union battles negative stereotypes about mental illness.

The Prime Minister said on Monday Britain would open its doors to 20,000 refugees. Pressure mounted after distressing images showing three-year-old Aylan Kurdi who drowned after trying to cross choppy waters from Turkey.