Second year jailed for trying to sell pills on Tinder

Swipe right for ecstasy

An unlucky in love second year has been jailed after buying hundreds of pills online and trying to sell them over Tinder.

Sports Journalism student Daniel Regan was sentenced to three years in prison when a package of 110 ecstasy tablets sent to his house was busted by police.

The pills were valued at over £1000 and were smuggled inside a CD case sent over from Amsterdam.

Police searched the Southampton Solent second year’s house and initially couldn’t find the drugs.

But Daniel was caught out after they found messages on his Tinder profile saying he could get hold of ecstasy.


Daniel was busted after trying to sell pills on Tinder

When one person he’d swiped right on asked if he had pills, Danile replied:”You need to be a bit more discrete about it but maybe”.

What’s more, Daniel only told he was in trouble just two weeks ago.

Southampton Crown Court heard how Daniel planned to sell the imported pills to people he knew and would save the rest for himself.

The tablets could be bought online for as little as 25p but can be sold for £5 to £10, the court heard.

Prosecutor Tom Wright said “There is a financial motive for this and an operator role in Mr Regan offering to sell and arranging to sell these drugs.”

Louise Howard, mitigating, said his crime had a “lack of sophistication” and that the sports journalism student had been seduced by a culture of taking drugs while at uni.

The court heard how Daniel had been dealing with the whole seven-month court process himself up until two weeks ago when he confessed to his family.


The Sports Journalism student bought over 100 pills online

Daniel he had been working full-time over the summer in Southampton to pay for legal costs and that his family were in court for the hearing.

His mum, who was in court with his father and brother having come down from Wales for support, cried as he was led away.

Ms Howard said: “The single failure to stop and appreciate the consequences of his actions will have an enormous effect on his future.”

In sentencing, Judge Peter Henry said he had taken into account his early guilty plea, remorse and character references.

He said: “It is clear what you have done has caused enormous anguish not just to you when you find yourself where you are but also to your family.

“It’s a crying shame that I have to deal with you for a very serious offence.”

He also ordered that the drugs should be taken away and destroyed.