Don’t bother becoming a teacher, say teachers

PGCE is not for me

More than half of teachers have warned against a career in education, according to shocking new study.

In a survey of hundreds of primary and secondary school teachers, a staggering 55 per cent wouldn’t recommend following in their footsteps after graduating.

What’s more, 50 per cent of them admitted they’d pick a completely different career if they could start over.

Nine out of 10 blamed more pressure in the classroom as their main cause of concern, and half admitted they were constantly under some form of stress.

And it’s getting worse in the classroom, as the figure has risen from 44 per cent advising against their job last year.

More pressure in the classroom is one of the reasons teachers wouldn't recommend their job

More pressure in the classroom is one of the reasons teachers wouldn’t recommend their job

In the survey of over 100 teachers, over half confessed they were worried about the growing cost of education

Alan Whiting, Wesleyan’s Group Head of Marketing, said: “Teachers tell us that the changes they face in their professional lives are causing them uncertainty and stress, and this is supported by this new research.

“They have seen a drop in income in real terms as pay rises fail to keep pace with inflation, while changes to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme mean they are paying more to retire on less.

“Inside the classroom, increased workloads and stress are clearly having an impact on teachers, making them increasingly disaffected and potentially putting off new people entering the profession.

“The fact that pay and conditions and pensions remain their main concerns for the future is also a worry, not just for existing teachers but also the next generation.”


Half of teachers said they’d do something totally different if they could start their career over

This comes after Education was named as the most employable subject after graduation.

According to figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), over 90 per cent of Education grads landed a teaching job, and were still there three years later.

But these worrying reports from teachers suggest this may be down to a shortage of teachers, and not love for the profession.