WhatsApp tells you who your best friend is

Have you sent more than you receive?

Clever WhatsApp has a feature which allows you to see how many messages you have sent to your friends.

Those obsessed with their own social standing can even compare how much they’ve been sent to what they have received.

Nerds can also get their chatter breakdown in megabytes.


To view a full statistical breakdown of your shit chat follow these steps: WhatsApp>Settings>Account>Network/StorageUsage.

If you want bae-specific details, Storage Usage will detail exactly how many times you’ve bombarded each other with poorly framed nudes.


Narcissists should head to Network Usage, where an overall breakdown of total messaging data can be found.

This will tell you how many messages you have sent and how many you have received.


Sadie, a second year studying Journalism, said: “It’s always fun looking back on shared photos in groups – generally at unfortunate photos of group members for everyone to laugh at.

“This way you get to easily see which of your groups are most active.”

Franki, an English finalist at Loughborough said: “Maybe people will begin to realise that they’re spending too much time messaging bae, instead of enjoying the beautiful world around them.”