The Warwick Rowers have launched their 2016 calendar

Try not to drool

Britain’s sexiest rowing team have released their 2016 calendar and are back with peachier bums than ever.

You may have ogled over the tasteful shots of pure muscle and flesh in the past, remember their 2015 calendar, or gone mad over their celebrity status in the past – but now there are even more shots to pine over.

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Can we put hand prints on you too?

To get your own exclusive collection of nudes, the Warwick Rowers have released a Crowdfunder campaign with their raunchy 2016 calendar with the aim to raise more money than ever through the medium of perving.

They’ve even released a video this time for you to watch their muscles ripple and flex into sultry poses.

Since their buff debut in 2009, the hunks have raised over £300,000 for good causes, including nearly £50,000 for Sport Allies, the charity initiative to challenge homophobia in sport that the calendar has funded. And this year they’re hoping to smash all previous records out of the park.

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Serious teabagging top center and right

Lucas, who was doing the calendar for the first time this year, said: “We told people that we were looking for new places to shoot, and got these amazing offers of free locations.

“It was a lot of fun for us to be in these fantastic places – especially since we got to spend the whole time naked!  But most importantly it means that we have been able to step up our game in the calendar, just like we have in our boats.”

The hunks need your help though. The lads have lauched their Crowdfunder campaign to raise a record breaking amount of money.

Tristan, who both models and photographs, has said: “We’re basically a fundraising project – the money that comes in goes straight out again.  We’re not sitting on some vast pile of cash, and we need to pay for production of the next year’s calendars, films and everything else.”


Pensive and peachy

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