Flawless mum looks just like her 19-year-old daughter

People mistake them for twins

A 19-year-old has revealed how her mum gets mistaken for her sister – and sometimes even her twin.

Jazz Smedley says strangers in the street ask if the pair are sisters ever since her mum’s gastric bypass surgery in 2012.

They even go out to clubs together, attend work events together, shop for clothes together and even share a wardrobe.

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Jazz (left) and Georgie (right) are often confused for sisters

Mum Georgie lost four and a half stone, dropping from a size 14 to a size eight (the same size as her daughter), following her surgery.

Jazz has been with her mum constantly since leaving school at 16 to work at her mum’s nail care company Nail Harmony. Although she is 42, Georgie looks no older than her daughter. 

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It’s like ‘Freaky Friday’ got real


Spot the difference

Speaking to The Tab, Jazz said: “We go to the airport and they ask if we’re sisters. We’re like ‘no, mother and daughter’”.

Jazz insists that her mum’s youthful looks never cause any issues and is fully supportive of her mum.

She said: “I really like it. She lost a lot of weight. She started getting a lot more comfortable with herself and it was really nice to see that.

‘I’ve always thought I look like her facially, but when she lost all the weight, you could really see the resemblance.

‘She felt more confident with the weight loss so she was dressing better.

Dad says that we look alike a lot actually. When she first had the surgery, he said “I cant tell you apart!”, and we also sound quite similar, which doesn’t help.”

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Jazz (left) and Georgie (right)

Georgie claims that the similarity with her daughter doesn’t cause a problem with guys: “I notice she [Jazz] gets a lot of looks from men. She says I do as well, but I don’t really think so.

“We get told we look like sisters all the time – to the point where I get embarrassed.

“It’s nice for me, but because it happens so often, it must get a bit annoying for Jazz.”

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Clubbing with this mum is OK

A gastric bypass is a cosmetic surgery that sparked widespread controversy when TV presenter Fern Britton revealed that she had undergone the procedure in 2006.

However, Jazz argues that the surgery has only done her mum good: “She was always battling with her weight. She never fitted into one size. It’s nice now that she’s had it done that she fits into one size and she’s happy and confident.”