Ashley Stevens: Coping with a boyfriend who’s seriously punching

Her boyfriend was humiliated on Reddit

Ashley Stevens, 21, went viral last month when her boyfriend was humiliated for punching above his weight.

When a photo of the couple appeared on Reddit, Ashley’s boyfriend Chris Wells was met with a barrage of abuse.

One user wrote: “That fatty would be lucky to marry that hot bitch.”

Other cruel jokes included: “Hey Tubbo… marry that girl… you’re never going to find better!’ advised another,” and: “Do you know why she’s with him? Gravitational pull.”

The couple then shot to more fame when Ashley wrote a heartfelt message, where she publicly said: “I won the jackpot with Christopher.”

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A recent study claims girls who are more attractive than their boyfriends are more likely to cheat.

But Ashley defended her larger than life boyfriend, who she’s been with for two and a half years.

She told The Tab: “There’s a lot of immature girls who go out with guys who have a really hot body and not much else. Your body and what you look like is not going to last.

“The people telling you you’re punching have no right to define you as a couple.

“You need to learn how to shrug off the jokes. Find things you like about your partner and tell them.

“It’s more important to show it in private and when other people aren’t looking is still the same way. It’s also important for other people to know how you feel to give your partner confidence.

“And lastly, just tell everyone who says something mean that you forgive them.”

The picture that went viral

The picture that went viral

She added: “”When our photo went viral, the comments were pretty bad.

“But he’s confident and that’s why I love him. So I wanted to let everybody know in a status about how I felt bout it. I wanted him to feel loved, I wanted to stick up for him.”

Ashley had caught the bride’s bouquet and their friends had joked she would now get married to Christopher.

Ashleys status defending her boyfriend

Ashleys status defending her boyfriend

The Sociology student said: “Everyone knew we had to get married.

“So I thought we should take a funny selfie and post about what happened, we always do goofy stuff. Christopher and my dad just made those faces – it wasn’t planned at all.

“Then it went viral on Reddit and when I saw the comments my heart sank. I wondered why people would say such mean and rude things if they didn’t know who we are.”

The couple have been together for two and a half years, both studying at Columbus State University in Georgia. They plan on marrying when they have finished their degrees.

“It definitely made us stronger. We’re strong in our faith too, he prays with me. We’re always there for each other.”