Blonde hunky grad is the hottest shelf stacker in the country

He got scouted at the checkout

A buff graduate who works at Aldi has been crowned Mr England – but still wants to keep his job at the supermarket.

Chris Bramell, 22, got a degree in Sports Development last year and was working on the checkout when he was model scouted.

The Edge Hill graduate told The Tab: “I was working in Aldi and it was a normal day, and one of the organisers for Mr Liverpool was shopping there.

“I was just on the tills beeping away and scanning people’s shopping and she was opposite me.”

Till totty: Chris was spotted by a Mr Liverpool organiser in Aldi

Till totty: Chris was spotted by a Mr Liverpool organiser in Aldi

The model scout asked Chris if he’d like to be part of the Mr Liverpool competition, but at first he was nervous.

He said: “I’d never done anything like it before so at first I wasn’t sure, but gave her my number.”

From there, Chris’ family persuaded him to go for it and enter the competition.

“I just turned up on the day to Mr Liverpool and ended up winning, which got me entry into Mr England.

“It was a big shock because it was just a normal day a work which ended up like this.

“The closest thing I’d ever done to this was working at Hollister and apparently they hire models, but I wasn’t a model.”

chris bramell1

He graduated with a degree in Sports Development and won Mr England a year later

Liverpool fan Chris applied to Aldi after finishing uni, admitting “with a Sports Development degree the jobs are very limited”.

The Mr England contest was more of a challenge than the local heats, and Chris had to gather as many votes as possible in the publicity round.

This was followed by a charity round and the talent section, where Chris submitted a DJ mix.

He said: “I DJ at the Reminisce bar in Liverpool every other Sunday

“I do the warmup set from five to nine and I like to stick to 70s, 80s and party sort of stuff – then I move on to popular dance music.”

You don’t get a physique like Chris without putting time into working out, and he is a self-confessed fitness fanatic.

He said: “My mum says to me the gym is more my home than where we actually live.

“I live and breath the gym and try to go Monday to Friday and have the weekend off.

“I’ve always fitness but had to really stick to my diet for Mr England and the training was more intense.”

chris bramell2

Chris’ mum says he spends more time in the gym than at home

Chris was staggered by the amount of attention he received after winning the model contest.

He said: “On the night when it was announced I was really overwhelmed.

“People were asking me for photos and I was just thinking to myself ‘I’m just a normal lad from Liverpool’.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve had too much female attention, but I have had a lot of requests on Facebook.”

But unfortunately for his new legion of fans, Chris has a girlfriend.

He said: “Brittany is amazing, the only girl in my eyes and not the type to get jealous.

“She’s been dead supportive. Before all this I wasn’t a very confident person and she brought me out of my shell and made me work harder.

Mr England isn’t paid, so at the moment Chris is still working at Aldi – but eventually plans to move on to bigger things soon.

Chris said: “I want to be a role model for normal lads like me, if you put the hard work in good things will hopefully happen.”