Revealed: The top unis for a high paid finance job

They’re going to make more money than you

Smug Cambridge grads can expect to make over £52,000 a year while LSE students will bring in £5000 less in the finance sector. 

Meanwhile the best uni to go to if you want a high paid money job is London Business School, where grads can earn a whopping £66,000 salary.

Figures collected by finance data company Emolument reveal the top 15 European unis whose finance students were paid the most after graduating.

Their survey was based on the salary of 700 finance professionals who graduated after 2011 and got a job in finance.

But overall we’re being beaten by the French, who got two of their unis in the top three for the biggest pay packet.

Who earns the most?

Who earns the most?

French unis tend to have much cheaper fees and students stay for five years, while we churn out fresh grads in just three.

Italy made the grade with just one of their unis – Università Luigi Boccono, a private uni in Milan.

The European uni with the biggest finance salary is Ecole Polytechnique, which is run under the supervision of the French Ministry of Defence.

Some lucky students there even get paid £500 a month just for attending.

Alice Leguay from Emolument said: “Sticking to stereotypes, this is a perfect example of the British pragmatic approach whereby experience is king versus the French love of theoretical learning.

“I would add just one caveat though that the French schools also require extensive internships sandwiched in their prolonged syllabus.”