Cringe video mash-up begs Taylor Swift to talk at Oxford Union

Features celebs singing Shake it Off

Earnest Oxford debating neeks have released a video begging Taylor Swift to come to the city and give a talk.

The cringe Oxford Union vid is a mash-up video of past speakers reciting Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off.

The celeb cast include Stephen Fry, Sepp Blatter, Sir Ian McKellen, Piers Morgan, viral South Korean irritant PSY and angry Twitter grandad Richard Dawkins.

The video – which took a week to edit – was originally envisaged to showcase the union to incoming freshers at Oxford.

Charles Vaughan, union president, told the BBC when members realised they had “quite a good product” they wanted to employ it to entice the singer to Oxford.

He said: “She’s an international cultural icon. It’s amazing when you take some famous people who are known for being celebrities… they have amazing things to say despite the fact that they’re better known not for their academic content.

“She’s a wonderful person to listen to.

“Whenever we have a speaker we try to work with them to make sure we talk about an issue which is close to their hearts.

“If Taylor – fingers crossed – actually accepts the invitation, then we can have that conversation.”

Shake it Off was a worldwide hit for Swift in August 2014. It was taken from the album 1989, which was the year’s best-selling album globally.